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Premium Versa Resistance Tube

Take strength and fitness to a new level with the Premium Versa-Tube Resistance Tube.


The Premium Versa Tube is perfect for personal training and for use in fitness clubs and home gyms. All the resistance tubing from Power Systems is produced using a unique layering process that improves longevity in commercial or institutional settings. Tubes help to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and prevent injuries OR help in recovery. Six resistance levels for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training.

  • Available in 6 different resistance levels - Extra-Light through Ultra-Heavy

  • The 48'' tubing has handles with premium padded grips for added comfort

  • Portable and lightweight, great for travel and personal trainers

  • Allows exercises on multiple planes of movement, targeting more muscles in both upper and lower body

  • Contains latex

  • Extra Light- Orange, 4-8 lbs. resistance range

  • Light- Lime green, 5-13 lbs. resistance range

  • Medium- Red, 8-16 lbs. resistance range

  • Heavy- Light blue, 11-22 lbs. resistance range

  • Extra Heavy- Purple, 13-17 lbs. resistance range

  • Ultra Heavy- Gray, 15-31 lbs. resistance range