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Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope

Build cardiovascular endurance with jump ropes, an enjoyable way to train.


Our Pro-Vinyl jump rope is a cut above what you might remember from the playground. Our speed jump rope features a vinyl rope and molded PVC handles with radial ball bearings. Three lengths to fit most users.

How to determine the correct length of a Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope for you:

Step with one foot into the middle of the rope. Bring your hands up towards your chest. Place your hands underneath your armpits - the rope should be semi-taut. The length of the rope measured from one hand to the other is the recommended rope length for you.

  • Molded PVC handles with radial ball bearings

  • Durable vinyl rope

  • 3 sizes - 8', 9', 10'

  • Rope color varies by length

  • 8' - user height 4'9" to 5'5"

  • 9' - user height 5'6" to 6"

  • 10' - user height 6'1" to 6'6"

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