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The Micro | Lagree


The Micro is designed to go anywhere. With its lightweight, compact size, the Micro can be taken just about anywhere so you can practice Lagree from the comfort of your home or on the go.

The wheels alongside the bottom of the Micro make this piece of equipment easy to move across smooth surfaces. Instructions, exercises, routines, and live classes are available at

If you plan on teaching classes outside, we highly recommend this configuration as it is the simplest to transport.

Carriage: The sleek, minimalistic design of the carriage allows for ample hand and foot placement. The Micro comes equipped with the Ring of Fire, which is a 360-degree bar that surrounds the entire carriage so you can find comfort in any position. The carriage is guided by the hover wheels to ensure smooth sliding through every workout.

Handles: Rear handles and front handles are available for purchase and are sold separately. Adding rear and front handles to the Micro will allow you to practice an even greater array of Lagree moves.

Platform: The front platform offers a sturdy base so you can practice even the most physically demanding Lagree moves. Add on a rear platform for an even larger range of moves. 



60 pounds